Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Explanatory Preface

This blog, "http://psychandgnosticessays.blogspot.com," has on it various original essays, some new and some old, on Gnostic themes. (It used to have mental health-oriented essays as well, but I gave them their own blog.) These essays come out of my participation in the Queen of Heaven Gnostic Church of Portland, Oregon, where I give occasional talks. Some of my talks--those with a lot of images--are too long for this blog and will get their own blogs as time and energy permit.

One in particular that has its own website is my "Cathar Slide Show", at http://catharslideshow.blogspot.com/. To read it, click on the link.

Otherwise, the titles of the individual essays are listed at right. To go to a particular essay, click on the title. You may also simply scroll down on this page.

Since these essays started out as talks at the Gnostic Church, they utilize Gnostic myth, especially the story of Sophia. I tell that story piecemeal in the various essays. But people unfamiliar with Gnositc myth might start by reading at least some of the essay "The Story of Sophia" before going to other chapters.


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